1. Discipline us:

  • "Be real strict."
  • “No hitting, just grounding.”
  • “Discipline us themselves while holding strong to their word so we know that they won’t stand for being run over.”
  • “Hold us accountable, while still showing us love
  • “Don’t be a friend, be a parent.”
  • “Be an authority figure and not a friend.”

2. Set a positive example for us.

  • “Show care and love. Do not be out partying and smoking [marijuana].”
  • “Set a good example for us to show us that we can have fun and stay out of trouble (family time).”
  • “Tell us the truth.”
  • “Provide a safe environment.”
  • “Set a positive example and spend time with us.”
  • “Give us a strong sense of morals.”
  • “Don’t teach children your bad habits.”
  • “Show them what you say, do the same thing yourselves.”
  • “Be a positive influence by making good decisions.”

3. Spend time with us.

  • “Talk to us more, interact with us, do fun things with us.”
  • “Pray with us.”
  • “Hang out with us. Show us how to have appropriate fun, like the movies, Olive garden, or Putt-Putt.”
  • “Ask us about our problems.”
  • “Have more family time with us.”
  • “Spend more time with us and have fun with us.”
  • “Tell us they love and care for us everyday.”
  • “Say they love us everyday.”
  • “Listen to us.”
  • “Sit and talk to us about our day.”
  • “Make time to have family time during the week.”
  • “”Get involved with the things we are involved with – we need to know we are part of the family.”

4. Know who our friends are and what we’re doing/get us involved!!

  • “Be more aware of what we are doing and who we are hanging out with.”
  • “Help us fill our free time (sports, church, job).”
  • “Monitor who we hang out with at school or anywhere.”
  • “Make sure your kids are going to school and choosing appropriate friends.”
  • “Keep us busy.”
  • “Support us in good things like sport and school.”
  • “If you don’t approve of your kids friends, then don’t let them hang around them.”

5. Don’t make excuses for us.

  • “Don’t let things slide.”
  • “Don’t ignore the little things.”
  • “Allow us to work for things – don’t just give it to us.”
  • “If you suspect something, ask and get a straight answer. A kid needs to know that a parent is concerned.”
  • “If they come in smelling like smoke or alcohol, it is probably because they were doing one or the other.”
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